Working out is the new secret to staying young, and some exercises get the job done better than others. Everyday Health came up with a list of the top eight exercises to reduce the effects of aging.

If you want to slow down the clock, follow their helpful workout tips -- tips listed in the slideshow below. From leg exercises to swimming, a host of workouts can help you stay young longer.

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  • Tai Chi

    With age, people are at greater risk of injury due to falling. Tai Chi promotes balance and works wonders in terms of preventing falls among seniors.

  • Yoga

    Similar to Tai Chi, yoga also promotes balance and can prevent risky falls. In addition, yoga strengthens the body and increases flexibility--both crucial to effective exercising after 50.

  • Strolling Through Hospital

    One study out of Israel shows that hospital patients who stay active by walking around their rooms or hospital hall ways cut their hospital days by a day and half on average.

  • Jogging

    Researchers at the University of Colorado showed that jogging can help people keep their memories in shape after illness.

  • Walking

    Studies show that people over 65 who walk or exercise moderately reduce their risk of dementia by one-third.

  • Leg Exercises

    Leg exercises can reduce or prevent the swelling--peripheral edema--associated with aging.

  • Weight Lifting

    One highly effect way to combat osteoporosis is weight lifting for thirty minutes three times per week.

  • Swimming

    Swimming is effective in easing many of the symptoms of arthritis. People with arthritis who swim are less likely to fall and break a bone.