Fox News Thinks Its Infamous Reza Aslan Interview Was Just Fine (VIDEO)

07/31/2013 01:14 pm ET | Updated Sep 30, 2013

Fox News tackled its infamous interview with Reza Aslan on Wednesday. Not surprisingly, the network saw nothing wrong with it.

"America Live" fill-in host Shannon Bream largely dismissed the controversy that emerged after religion correspondent Lauren Green repeatedly questioned Aslan about why he, as a Muslim, was writing a book about Jesus. Saying it had been churned up by "liberal" and "far-left" media outlets, she brought on conservative media critic Brent Bozell to agree with her. (Fox News has a media critic on its payroll, but Howard Kurtz was apparently unavailable.)

Bozell said he wanted to "applaud" Green for asking whether Aslan was biased, that Aslan couldn't be a "very good Muslim" if he was defending himself as a mere scholar, and that he was misrepresenting his academic credentials and couldn't have read all the books he said he'd read.

Also, he said Green was a great person. Bream agreed with that too, and plugged her upcoming story on people who were attacking Christians.

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