15 Ways Obama's Style Elevates The Dorky Dad Look (PHOTOS)

08/04/2013 10:11 am ET

In honor of our president's 52nd birthday on August 4, we're paying tribute to the skills Barack Obama has taught us over the years: leadership, diplomacy, commitment and... style? Don't scoff just yet -- when dads get dressed, they could stand to learn a thing or two from POTUS.

You'd think the Dad-in-Chief's wardrobe choices would stay consistently dorky, yet he carries some tricks up his literal and proverbial sleeve. Obama favors smart suits and conservative ties while he's on the clock, but the president has as many interesting off-duty outfits as your average supermodel.

Obama may have once described his style as "frumpy," but we think Obama's selling himself short. Perhaps Michelle's style is rubbing off on him, after all. Below, the best tips Obama has taught us about presidential and paternal style:

Try out exotic trends to pay respect to international friends.

obama batik shirt

Opt for comfort when traveling, even if that means baggy jeans and tennis shoes.


Show your spirit by endorsing your favorite sports team.


Get funky by flipping a baseball cap around.

baseball cap

Change isn't just a campaign slogan -- it's an important style mantra, too.


Sweater vests can add extra warmth without too much bulk.


Safety is always in vogue.


Accessories can give an outfit extra oomph.



Few garments are as versatile as a sturdy denim shirt.


Shorts are permissable in certain situations.


Pleated pants are a true style staple.


Suits must be tailored impeccably.


And the coat must always match the suit.


Despite Obama's inherent dorkiness, one must never underestimate the power of a tuxedo.


Keep up the good work, POTUS:

Barack Obama Style Evolution

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