08/05/2013 05:12 pm ET

Justin Bieber Really Wants You To See Him With His Shirt Off

Justin Bieber turned 19 years old this year and apparently developed a set of killer abs to go along with it. That's at least judging from the pop star's Instagram page, which features copious amounts of shirtless selfies and ripped abs from varying angles. Below, a recent sampling.

Pouty shirtless Bieber:

Thoughtful shirtless Bieber:

TMI shirtless Bieber:

Shirtless Bieber chilling with Grandma:

Don't forget about Grandpa:

Ducking shirtless Bieber:

He's ripped, okay?

Ripped AND smiling:

Bored on a bus/plane/moving vehicle look:

And juuuust in case you haven't had enough, there's even video of shirtless Bieber:


Justin Bieber through the years