Tia And Tamera Mowery Are Fighting

08/05/2013 01:59 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2013

Tia and Tamera Mowery look alike, but they're very different -- or, at least, according to Tia, Tamera has been ever since she got married. The "Sister, Sister" sisters are fighting, and it's not pretty.

On their reality show "Tia & Tamera," the two exchanged some biting words after Tamera choose her husband's charity event over her sister's. It's hard when so much good is being done, really. Tia called Tamera out, saying, "You choose your husband over me." "It's normal to do that," Tamera spit back.

Tamera also revealed that her mother once threw an intervention out of concern for her hard-partying lifestyle. Although she says she is happy in her married life and at peace with her "new post-baby body," Tamera kept things catty when the fight aired, retweeting fans who took her side during the show:

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