08/06/2013 08:48 am ET

Al Roker Oversleeps For First Time In 39 Years (VIDEO)

Al Roker had a rough start on Tuesday when he accidentally overslept for the first time in 39 years.

Roker said that his phone just didn't go off, and that he did not have a backup alarm because he never needed one.

"Did you miss 'Wake Up With Al' this morning?" Lauer asked, referring to Roker's 6:00 a.m. show on The Weather Channel.

"Yeah we changed the name to 'Al, Wake Up!'" Roker quipped.

Coincidentally, Roker poked fun at "Today" guest host Mel B for being late just last week. He compared the former Spice Girl to Katie Couric, who was sometimes called out for arriving late when she co-hosted "Today."


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