08/06/2013 05:59 pm ET

Skateboarding Mice: Shane Willmott Trains Rodents To Ride (PHOTOS)


Shane Willmott must have a lot of time and patience beyond the usual animal trainer.

Why else would he spend so much time trying to train mice to skateboard?

You read that right: Willmott, 42, has trained his crew of "radical rodents" to ride skateboards and even get "air."

It's perhaps the most amazing display of rodent athletics since the last Tom & Jerry cartoon, but Willmott, who hails from Australia's Gold Coast, insists mice are natural shredders.

"They love it," he said, according to "Mice are built to surf and skate because their center of gravity is so low. When they do fall off, they want to get straight back on board."

GALLERY: SKATEBOARDING MICE (Story continues below)

Skateboarding Mice

Willmott actually started his bizarre animal training 10 years ago, by teaching mice to surf, but decided he needed to give them a hobby during the cold winter months.

He starts training his mice "before their eyes even open" by pulling them around on tiny skateboards with a string to acclimate them to the sensation, Metro reported.

Now they skate their lives away on a mouse-sized skate park in the backyard of his home, Orange News reported.

It might seem dangerous for a rodent to fly in the air on a skateboard through a flaming hoop, but Willmott insists his mice are perfectly safe.

"I love my mice and would never do anything to harm them -- I'm not a cruel person,'' he told the Courier-Mail. "I've never lost a mouse in 10 years of teaching them to surf and skate.''



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