10 Signs You're Over 50, As Told Through GIFs

08/07/2013 07:49 am ET | Updated Aug 07, 2013

Every time you reach for your keys, you're like: confused photo: huh Jennifer-Lawrence-Confused-Face_zpsddb6bcc7.gif

Trying to name a song in the Top 10 is like: back flip fail photo: back flip FAIL animated-gifs-021.gif

When 20-somethings talk about dating and college kids talk about hook up culture, you're like: angry gif photo:  crazymoriarty_zps697fba8f.gif

Trying to balance all the responsibilities in your life is like: fail photo: reporter news-reporter-fishing-display-fail_zps78420bea.gif

Trying to lose weight quickly is like: fail photo: pole dance fail Pole_Dance.gif

In the 80s, you had THIS much energy: youth gif photo:  yay.gif

When you finally convince your adult kids to go on vacation with you, you're like: excited gif photo:  image-11.gif

When you show off your 50-something bikini body at the beach, you're like:  photo 40473.gif

You definitely can't do this anymore: Hat Trick photo HatFlip.gif

And some of your attempts to be sexy turn out like this:  photo fdasfsdadsfasf.gif

But, when someone suggests that you're old, you're like:  photo Sherlock.gif

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