08/08/2013 01:44 pm ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

'Breaking Bad' Periodic Table: Charting The Elements Of Walt And Jesse's Wonderful World Of Meth (INFOGRAPHIC)

Beutler Ink

There are so many elements that make "Breaking Bad" amazing, and now we've got a periodic table to map them all out, thanks to Beutler Ink.

The main character elements are embellished with visual representations, like a coin for indecisive Skyler White, a bell for silent-but-deadly Hector Salamanca and a chili pepper (Chili P, yo!) for Jesse Pinkman.

With fun additions like the flip phone, the fly and a pair of tighty whiteys, the chart also captures memorable moments from "Breaking Bad's" four and a half seasons thus far. And, of course, no colorful infographic of the show would be accurate without putting Marie in the color purple.

Breaking Bad infographic

Take a look and tell us: Did they miss anyone or anything important? And do you suddenly have a hankering for a game of laser tag?

"Breaking Bad's" final eight episodes premiere Sun., Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

'Breaking Bad' Final Episodes Images

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