LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas judge set bail at $16,000 and placed a suspended police officer on house arrest Thursday pending a Jan. 14 preliminary hearing on allegations that he sexually intimidated women he met during routine calls.

Solomon Coleman, 28, stood in court with his lawyer and spoke only to acknowledge that he understood the charges against him, including oppression under color of office with threat of force, a felony, and four misdemeanors including gross lewdness and taking pictures of a person's private area.

Coleman wasn't asked to enter a plea, and Justice of the Peace William Kephart allowed him to remain free for 24 hours pending processing and release from the Clark County jail.

Coleman was named in an arrest warrant issued last Friday. His lawyer, Josh Tomsheck, told the judge he arranged for Coleman's surrender in court on Thursday to smooth the process of arresting and processing a police officer at the jail.

Tomsheck said Coleman would post bail.

Outside court, Coleman huddled with family members and avoided reporters while Tomsheck said he had just received police reports in the case.

"Obviously, there's more to the story than we know at this time," the defense attorney said.

Prosecutor Lisa Luzaich declined comment.

Coleman, a five-year police veteran who was born, raised and married in Las Vegas, was suspended with pay pending departmental action.

Among other allegations, he is accused of remaining at the home of a woman whose boyfriend had been arrested in June on a domestic violence charge and instructing the woman to disrobe so he could check her for bruises and photograph her body.

The woman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal for a Thursday report ( that her 5-year-old son walked into the bedroom during the incident and Coleman ushered the boy away.

Coleman later exposed himself to the woman in her bathroom, the newspaper reported, citing the woman, then returned to the woman's home later, but she didn't open the door.

Other charges stem from allegations that Coleman used his phone to record more than 20 minutes of a personal sex video from another woman's cellphone, which police had seized during an arrest.

Police matched Coleman's patrol records with the date the video was recorded and determined he had taken the phone from a California woman during a traffic stop in June 2012, the Review-Journal said.

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