We're firm believers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not for the reasons that usually inspire this saying. No, breakfast is the most important meal simply because it's the best. Think about it, breakfast is the time when pancakes, bacon, cinnamon rolls, sausage, eggs and waffles take center stage -- what could possibly be better?

And since breakfast is the most important, it's crucial that you get this meal right. Because what could be worse than starting your day with burnt bacon and dense pancakes. Nothing, that's what.

We're taking it upon ourselves to make sure that your first meal of the day lives up to its full potential (because that's how much we love breakfast). We've recently gone over all the dos and don'ts of making scrambled eggs. And now we're going to talk about French toast. Just like with all other breakfast classics, this recipe is simple to make. But when it's not made right, it can go so wrong.

There are a few of things we insist upon when making French toast. One, always use a rich, buttery bread like brioche or challah; two, don't forget to season the batter; and three, don't rush things -- give your bread time to soak. If you respect those three rules, and follow a great recipe, your next batch of French toast will leave you speechless.

Our favorite recipe is Martha Stewart's (of course). If you follow her recipe, you'll make French toast better than you've ever experienced in your life. We know that her ingredient list can be a little long for one to deal with in the early morning with the multiple kinds of citrus, cognac, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg she calls for. But the great thing is, if you skip one (or even four) of the ingredients, your French toast will not suffer. That's how good this recipe is.
Get the Martha Stewart recipe for Perfect French Toast.

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