Goldendoodle Helps 7-Year-Old Girl, Meghan Weingarth, With Deadly Nut Allergy (PHOTOS)

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Seven-year-old Meghan Weingarth could go into anaphylactic shock if she eats anything containing peanuts or almonds. But a Goldendoodle called LilyBelle makes sure she stays safe -- the dog sniffs out nuts in food and raises a paw as warning if anything contains nuts, Caters News reports.

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LilyBelle correctly identifies the food that contains nuts.


LilyBelle comforts Weingarth during a visit to the hospital.


Weingarth and her doggy best friend LilyBelle.

Weingarth, who suffers from tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), lives in Suwanee, Ga., with LilyBelle. TSC is a rare genetic disorder which can cause seizures, developmental delays, and epilepsy.

LilyBelle provides the 7-year-old with assistance and comfort, and sometimes even stays with Weingarth during hospital visits.

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Weingarth and LilyBelle on the day they first met.


Weingarth cuddles LilyBelle to congratulate her on completing her peanut detection training.


LilyBelle accompanies Weingarth on a flight.

When Weingarth's mother, Jennifer Schillig, first decided to get her daughter a therapy dog, the cost was intimidating. But thanks to friends, neighbors, and a fundraiser called "Meghan's Miracle," LilyBelle became a reality.

"The bond was instantaneous and beautiful. Lily definitely knows that Meghan is her person," Schillig told Suwanee Magazine. "With Lily present, Meghan has actually smiled during a blood draw."

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