Most homeowners are pretty happy with an outdoor space that's big enough to fit a decent size pool, space for a BBQ and just a little greenery. But there are others out there who will not settle for anything other than an extreme backyard. We're talking areas that resemble a resort more than any home we've ever seen. Seriously, when was the last time you visited someone with an infinity pool or bocce court? The answer is most likely never. That's why we rounded up ten examples that are seriously too good to be true.

Do you have to walk a mile in order to get to that water slide?

A movie screen in the gazebo? Totally normal.

Basically, the entire forest is this family's backyard.

Floating steps? Don't mind if we do.

We've never even stayed at a hotel that looked this nice.

Who's up for a game of bocce?

Life's not fair.

Because having water access isn't enough, these homeowners needed to add that pool.

Just a simple little patio...

Imagine living here for just a second.

Some more spaces to be envious of...

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  • Demi Moore

    Moore shared <a href="" target="_blank">this pool </a>with her ex, Ashton Kutcher. And the design matches the home's 1950s style perfectly.

  • Sylvester Stallone

    The actor's Miami home has a <a href="" target="_blank">Olympic-sized swimming pool</a> with a bronze Rocky Balboa statue at its end.

  • Diane Keaton

    Her <a href="" target="_blank">cabana</a> is anything dull. Keaton told Architectural Digest that her children love the space the most -- and we don't blame them.

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    Curtis collaborated <a href="" target="_blank">on the grounds</a> with landscape architect Mia Lehrer, and said she wanted it to have a "contemporary aesthetic."

  • Frank Sinatra

    Sinatra had an <a href="" target="_blank">oval swimming pool</a> that led to his private golf course. His daughter Nancy told Architectural Digest about an unusual experience that occurred there. “One clown drove a golf cart right into the pool.”

  • Cher

    The luxe <a href="" target="_blank">infinity pool</a> seems just right for the over-the-top diva.

  • John Travolta

    Not surprisingly, designer Sherri James told the magazine that Travolta wanted to be able to <a href="" target="_blank">dance by the water's edge</a>.

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