08/12/2013 06:35 pm ET

World's Most Polite Woman Tweets For Help Instead Of Bothering Anyone With A Phone Call

sarnic69, YouTube

If you're accidentally trapped in a building, a cell phone is great thing to have. All you'd have to do is call or text a friend and ask them to unlock the door. That is, unless you're as polite as Sarah Greep.

When this British mother got stuck in Minister Church of St. Andrew in Plymouth, England on Sunday, she decided not to bother her friends and family by calling them. Instead, she asked her Twitter followers for help.

When her first tweet didn't get her any help, she kept going. She had 175 followers as of this writing.

Eventually her phone's battery started to die and she decided she had to bite the bullet and make a call.

To pass the time, Greep chatted with her friends on Twitter, took photos and even made videos of herself walking around the church and explaining her predicament. Eventually, of course, she escaped, though it's not apparent how. It's also unclear exactly how long Greep was stuck. Her first tweet is at 8:17 a.m., and her phone died at 10:10, so she was trapped in there alone for at least two hours.

[h/t The Independent]