Are you new to the Twitter sphere or just trying to improve your Twitter experience? Well, in either case, there are a number of Must Follow people and publications on Twitter that we -- here at Huff/Post50 -- highly recommend.

Flip through this slideshow to find out who you should be following on Twitter.

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  • Mia Farrow @miafarrow

    Why? The post 50 actress-turned-activist puts some entertaining spins on world events. She retweets interesting material from journalists and fellow activists alike. She also tweets interesting links to articles in The Guardian, particularly those pertaining to injustices against women and children.

  • Arianna Huffington @ariannahuffington

    Post 50 Arianna Huffington is a great believer in The Third Metric, which redefines success beyond money and power. Arianna often tweets links to articles on stress management and posts photographs of peaceful places. Follow her on Twitter if you want to unwind and also if you want to learn about current events.

  • Next Avenue @nextavenue

    Next Avenue features links to amazing articles written to energize and inform Americans over 50. Topics from Next Avenue include welcoming grandchildren, raising adult children and preparing for retirement.

  • Gary Foreman @garystretcher

    Want to know how to live frugally? Follow Gary Foreman on Twitter. You can learn how to save money on landscaping, snag some luxuries for your home and write a great Craigslist ad. Definitely worth hitting the Follow button.

  • Jay MacDonald @omnisaurus

    So much more than a contributing editor at, Jay MacDonald will show you what you need to know about insurance crime and con artists alike as well as provide interesting insight on ESPN's Mike Greenberg on his new "chick lit" novel. This is a post 50 totally worth following.

  • The Points Guy @thepointsguy

    The Points Guy shows you how to maximize your travel miles and points. Following The Points Guy on Twitter will help you save big on vacations.

  • @creditcardscom

    This Twitter feed provides tons of useful information on how to handle old debts on your credit report and what to look for in an emergency credit card among many other super interesting credit-related issues. Definitely one to follow if you want to take charge of your credit.

  • Ann Brenoff @annbrenoff

    As the senior writer for Huff/Post 50, Ann Brenoff tweets about topics that are extremely relevant to the lives of post 50s.

  • Mary Eileen Williams @feistysidefifty

    Founder of The Feisty Side of Fifty, a website dedicated to helping boomer women find jobs, Mary Eileen Williams provides excellent advice regarding the job hunt through her Twitter account. Her tweets can inspire any post 50 woman to find success.

  • More Magazine @moremag

    This magazine targeted at boomer women who want to stay energetic and young will provide you with links to great articles on eating healthy and on other topics compelling to the post 50 woman.

  • AARP Money & Work @aarpmoney

    AARP Money/Work isn't just for the long ago retired crowd. Any boomer can learn a lot of useful information from the posts on this Twitter profile. Tweets include links to articles about social security and the job search alike.

  • Katie Couric @katiecouric

    This fabulous post 50 news anchor posts about current events, the subjects of her talk show and a host of issues that are pertinent to her fellow boomers like methods for saving time and beating stress as well as articles on female leaders.

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz @droz

    Post 50 Dr. Mehmet Oz will show you how to get healthy through his interesting tweets. Click on the #OzTip tweets for a list of all his greatest tips on staying fit and energetic.

  • Susan Sarandon @susansarandon

    This unstoppable post 50 and self-proclaimed "mother, activist and actress" tweets about everything from the perils of fracking to the hilarious new movie, "The Entrepeneur." Follow her for some real entertainment.

  • Huff/Post50 @huffpost50

    ...and lastly for a great summary of all things post 50, look no further than the Huff/Post50 Twitter account!