08/13/2013 08:54 am ET | Updated Aug 13, 2013

10 Things That Do Not Count As Working Out

Working out can be confusing.

With so much wildly-available information and so many varying viewpoints online, plus the abundance of studios and gyms and bootcamps offline, how does anyone know where to start? The confusion can zap your motivation to stick with a fitness routine, not to mention up your risk of injuries.

A little bit of research and some attention to proper form and technique can go a long way. We applaud anyone looking to start a fitness routine, and encourage them to reach out and ask for help when they need it. We think it's safe to say these people could use some.

Sure, group exercise can be social and fun but these ladies have taken it too far.
group exercise

Spotters are indeed helpful... when lifting really heavy weights. This woman should give herself a little more credit, if you ask us.

Actually, the fact that they're pink does make them sort of confusing...

Who knew toe flexing was so important in a pre-natal routine?!

That is not at all what the kickboxing instructor just said.

Is this a stretch for aspiring ninjas?

Smiling does use a lot of muscles...
ball smile

If this is what he considers an arm workout, we're skeptical about where those triceps came from.
arms out

Let's just stick to eating them, shall we?
banana bicep curls

This can only end badly.
hula hoop


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