The Best Sandwiches, In Order (PHOTOS)

08/15/2013 08:55 am ET | Updated Oct 01, 2013
Flickr: Marshall Astor - Food Fetishist

Sandwiches have always been there for us. From our first school lunch to those early-20s drunken late night snacks to a quick meal at work, most of us have had a long history with sandwiches. They've sated our hunger time and time again, in only the best of ways.

While we have a love for all sandwiches -- just for the mere fact that they are sandwiches -- some are just better than others. And some are truly spectacular. We don't like to pick favorites (okay, maybe we enjoy it just a little), but when it comes to a food as epic as the sandwich, it's just asking to be judged.

And so naturally we took it upon ourselves to rank this humble yet awesome meal, in order from worst to best. While this list is technically subjective in nature, we can't help but feel there's a collective truth to it. Let us know what you think.

30.) Ham and Cheese sandwich

29.) Turkey Sandwich sandwich

28.) Chicken Salad Sandwich sandwich

27.) Monte Cristo sandwich

26.) Tea Sandwich sandwich

25.) French Dip french dip

24.) Bahn Mi sandwich

23.) Roast Beef sandwich

22.) Gyro sandwich 21.) Cubano sandwich

20.) Reuben Sandwich sandwich

19.) Falafel Pita sandwich

18.) Fish Sandwich sandwich

17.) Muffuletta sandwich

16.) Pastrami sandwich

15.) Cheesesteak sandwich

14.) Tuna Melt sandwich

13.) Club Sandwich sandwich

12.) Breakfast Sandwich sandwich

11.) Pulled Pork Sandwich sandwich

10.) Burger burge

9.) Meatball Sub sandwich

8.) Grilled Cheese sandwich

7.) Patty Melt sandwich

6.) Oyster Po Boy sandwich

5.) Egg Salad Sandwich sandwich

4.) Chicken Parm sandwich

3.) Lobster Roll sandwich

2.) BLT sandwich

1.) Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich

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