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By Rob White

Learn the power of "intelligent failure." When you intelligently examine your mistakes for lessons they offer, you begin to see failure as a means of improving your success record. Don't associate fear with failure - do associate curious experimentation with failure. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from my experiment so I may succeed with greater speed?” This question takes the idea of failure out of the equation, and there's nothing to fear.

Do you consider your attempts to succeed as experiments to attain greater success-speed? Here are five ways to transform the disempowering idea of failure to the empowering idea of experimenting:

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  • 1. Set Your Priority For Learning While Aiming To Win

    When you make it your priority to learn something new, all of your attempts to succeed at anything become experiments. Your aspiration is to learn more so you can move closer to your aim, rather than insisting that you hit the bull’s eye right off the bat. Do this and something interesting happens -- you begin hitting what you’re aiming for more quickly.

  • 2. Change Your Model Of Failure To A Model Of Experimentation

    When you substitute the word "failure" for "experiment," with your aim to learn something new, your fear of failure weakens, and your love of experimenting increases. When you replace the words, “I failed” with the words, “I experimented,” you take on the role of experimenter, and you take the sting out of failure. Now, everything you do becomes an experimental stepping stone, moving you closer to success.

  • 3. Increase Your Experiment Rate And Escalate Your Success Pace

    It’s a given that the more we experiment with things in our lives, the more we succeed in life. Doesn’t it logically follow that we should increase our experiment rate if we want to increase our success rate? The secret is to aim to learn a new lesson with every experiment. That’s what scientists in a laboratory do. When failed attempts to succeed are seen as experiments, it puts the attempts on the same side as success: Experiment/success. But, when you see your attempts as failures, you place the attempt on the opposite side of success: success-failure. Now it feels lousy.

  • 4. See Curiosity As Your Fuel

    If you make it one of your life-roles to be an experimenter, then curiosity becomes a valuable quality. Curiosity drives experimenters to experiment. And curiosity is a mental muscle that can be strengthened with each experiment. That’s because with each experiment you become more curious about how to get it right. Anytime you fail to experiment, your curiosity level drops. When you stop experimenting, you stop being curious and you stop growing -- you stop winning.

  • 5. Celebrate Your Experiments Regardless Of The Outcome

    You are an experimenter and the world is your laboratory. Celebrate the fact that you are so fortunate to have the world as your lab. Be deliberate with your experiments, and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Soon you’ll be celebrating victory after victory after victory.

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