You know a breakup excuse is bad when the dumpee feels the need to share it with the whole internet.

On Friday, a Redditor posed this question: “What is the dumbest reason that your ex dumped you?” The responses were truly horrifying.

Click through the slideshow below for some of the best/worst replies, then head to the comments and share the most ridiculous breakup excuse you've ever heard.

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  • "I was broken up with because I told her that she did a very good Peter Griffin laugh. She thought I called her fat." -<a href="" target="_blank">INFANT_RECEIVER</a>

  • "I dated a guy who lived about 20 minutes from my house. At the time I didn't have my own car, so he'd come to me. He broke up with me because the gas was too expensive. Mind you, he only saw me twice a week for like...two months. I had a job, and also offered to give him gas money but he said no. I think he was lying..." -<a href="" target="_blank">Relacuna</a>

  • "I didn't say 'I love you' after two days. We were fourteen." -<a href="" target="_blank">Candylandsings</a>

  • "I think I win with this one. An ex dumped me via a note (this was in early high school) that read 'The bad news is I think we should break up. The good news is you've saved money on your car insurance by switching to Geico.' <br>  </br> This may not be a reason she dumped me, but hopefully you still find it amusing. I don't know why she dumped me, but apparently it had to do with my car insurance." -<a href="" target="_blank">ZacharyDavid</a>

  • "I didn't dress nicely enough. She broke up with me to date a guy who wore suits to volunteer at a soup kitchen." -<a href="" target="_blank">badshadow </a>

  • "In fifth grade, my 'boyfriend' dumped me because his twin brother had just dumped his 'girlfriend.' Apparently they had to match...? Anyway, we went through high school together and I never stopped teasing him about that :)" -<a href="" target="_blank">MySoulIsAPterodactyl</a>

  • "'You don't like fish/shrimp...' No, I'm f*cking allergic. I'm not going to eat something that could kill me just to please you." -<a href="" target="_blank">love_n_other_crap</a>

  • "We weren't allowed to date because of the companies we worked for. She broke up with me because she didn't want them to find out and get fired. She quit a month later." -<a href="" target="_blank">Sultan_of_Slide </a>

  • "One of my friends in high school was dumped after several months because she had 'too much arm hair.'"-<a href="" target="_blank"> FengaPapit27 </a>

  • "I wouldn't take her to Busch Gardens (popular amusement park) after <em>she </em>cheated on <em>me</em>." -<a href="" target="_blank">GhostKingFlorida</a>

  • "Because their dog died. I had nothing to do with the dog's death either..." -<a href="" target="_blank">Amv186</a>

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