Michelle Jenneke Shares Start Photo On Instagram

08/17/2013 11:00 am ET

Track pinup queen Michelle Jenneke appears healed from her hamstring injury.

On Friday, the Australian hurdler posted an Instagram photo of herself bursting out of the starting blocks.

Over at The Big Lead, readers debated her starting technique, but we decided to reach out to get an expert's opinion.

Russell Smelley, the head track and field coach at Westmont College in California, told The Huffington Post "there might be some mild form issues" if the picture were a race photo, but he said overall, "all the aspects for an effective start are present."

Pointing out that the image is probably for promotional value, he added:

The angle of application from the foot on the block up through the shoulders shows a slight hunch due to her lead knee being higher than she might effect on the track. Body lean out of the blocks is a product of acceleration. This picture looks posed for form rather than acceleration.

Jenneke has shown off other skills in recent photos, but the sports world has heard little of the athlete on the track since her hopping, gyrating warmup routine became an Internet hit more than a year ago.

It remains to be seen if Jenneke's performance as an athlete will ever match her online celebrity.

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