08/18/2013 08:57 am ET

Las Vegas Passengers Spend Double On In-Flight Drinks, Survey Finds


On most trips to Las Vegas, the party starts long before hitting the Strip... and apparently even before hitting the airport landing strip.

In May, passengers on Vegas-bound flights spent over twice as much on drinks than the average passenger, a survey found.

Technology group GuestLogix reviewed data from six North American airlines to determine spending patterns among travelers. Check out some of the most intoxicating findings:

  • Of all product sales made on flights, 62% were beverage sales.
  • Of those beverages, 55% were liquor, 24% were wine, and 20% were beer.
  • On an average flight, airlines raked in $55 from beverage sales. On flights to Vegas, however, they made an average of $116. [For the record: The route with the most income from beverages was Washington to Dubai, with $320 per flight in drink sales.]
  • In May, drink sales from all flights to Vegas totaled $1,063,328. Compare that to planes bound for Fukuoka, Japan: They made $28 from drinks. In a month. That's essentially only two people buying martinis... in a whole entire month.

Some drink facts are hard to sip on.


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