08/20/2013 03:12 am ET | Updated Aug 20, 2013

'Teen Wolf' Finale: A True Alpha Emerges To Help Take Jennifer Down (VIDEO)

On the mid-season finale of "Teen Wolf," the parents' lives were at stake and Scott was willing to do anything he could to try and save them. Jennifer was the major nemesis, with Scott creating a tenuous alliance with Deucalion toward taking her down.

After the lunar eclipse passed, Jennifer put herself in a protective circle that Scott hadn't been able to penetrate before. Nevertheless, he tried again. “You’ve tried this before, Scott. I don’t remember you having much success," Jennifer said confidently.

As Scott pushed, though, his eyes turned from yellow to red, marking him as a "True Alpha." He was able to break through her protective field, rendering her vulnerable. E! Online's Tierney Bricker gave the show a shout-out for the special effects used in that sequence.

Scott then told Jennifer he didn't care what color his eyes turned. He intended to kill her. But Deucalion took that honor, as his eyes are already the color of someone who has killed.

“It was easily the most epic, climactic episode of the series," wrote Hollywood Life's Andy Swift. "And it paved the way for Scott’s ... next adventures, both as a wolf and as an angsty, hormonal teenager." The second half of "Teen Wolf" Season 3 kicks off in January 2014.

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