08/21/2013 12:01 pm ET

Margherita Missoni Speaks Out About Plane Crash That Killed Her Uncle


The Missonis certainly haven't had an easy year. The January disappearance of Vittorio Missoni, CEO of the family's fashion house, was followed by the death of Ottavio Missoni, the company's 92-year-old founder, in May.

Until now, the family has remained mum on the tragic events, save for brief, formal press releases. But now Margherita Missoni has spoken out about the deaths in her family for the first time in an interview with The Times. Luckily, her family maintained a strong support system throughout the tough period:

"It has helped us a lot that there are so many of us and we are so tight. It's easier than if you were having to face it all on your own. Of course it was hard for me, especially because I'm pregnant. I've had a very intense pregnancy, with all the things that have happened, but it wasn't my father -- other family members have had a harder time. We are hoping this will be closed very soon."

The 30-year-old newlywed announced her pregnancy just two months after uncle Vittorio's plane disappeared off the coast of Venezuela. In June, the Missoni family released a statement announcing that Vittorio's plane had been recovered, thanking the Italian government for its help in the search efforts. With Margherita's August due date steadily approaching and details still rolling in about the cryptic plane crash, we hope the Missoni family is able to find closure very soon.

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