Danny Strong On Sarah Palin: 'Game Change' Was A 'Completely Fair' Portrayal (VIDEO)

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Five years removed from the 2008 McCain-Palin Republican ticket, Sarah Palin's successes, failures, and well-documented gaffes are still part of the national debate. Danny Strong, "Game Change" screenwriter, sat down with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill Wednesday to discuss how he portrayed one of the most controversial political figures in U.S. history.

Addressing criticism that the film received for its perceived politicized portrayal of Palin, Strong told Hill, "I disagree with the statement that half the country views 'Game Change' as a hit job on Sarah Palin. I actually think it's a very very small group of people. I think anyone who's fair-minded can go into that movie and see that the film is completely fair."

Pointing to right wing extremists, he added, "I think there's a fringe group in both parties. And I think there's a fringe group on the Right that's quite loud and quite vocal. And I think that they make people think they represent 50 percent of the country, but I think they represent five percent of the country."

Strong maintained, "I think that film was completely fair to Sarah Palin, and there was a lot of sentiment that it was the most sympathetic, empathetic portrayal of her that exists period."

Strong strikes again with another American political film "The Butler," directed by Lee Daniels. To hear more from Danny Strong and "The Butler" Director Lee Daniels, watch the full segment HERE.

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