Detroit Bus Driver And Rider Appear To Brawl, Violent Fight Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

08/22/2013 05:33 pm ET

On the heels of a video showing Detroit bus riders dealing with a man who was allegedly smoking crack cocaine on board, another outrageous Detroit bus incident has been caught on camera. The video, which appears to show a terrifying fight between a Detroit Department Of Transportation (DDOT) driver and passenger, is going viral.

WJBK-TV first posted the video, which they say was shot by passengers recently on a Detroit bus. A witness told the television station that the fracas began when a passenger, angered when her transfer card became stuck in a scanner, began screaming and spitting and the bus driver.

The video captures the dramatic brawl that then broke out between the driver and passenger. Some witnesses tried to keep the two women apart, but others were egging them on, the TV station reported. Detroit Police responded quickly to a 911 call, the report said, but, by then, the fight was over.

Read more here, and watch the video below.

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