08/22/2013 07:25 pm ET

Detroit Receives Less Federal Money Than All Of These Foreign Nations (INFOGRAPHIC)


The nation of Colombia receives more federal aid than bankrupt Detroit... and it's not the only country getting more cash from the feds.

Even though the Motor City murder rate is almost twice as high as Colombia's, the federal government still sends almost three times as much money to the Latin American nation. Though several Detroiters have questioned whether a bailout is needed to save the city, the Obama Administration has made no moves to pay off any of the city's estimated $18 billion debt.

Next City Columnist Bill Bradley posted an infographic titled "Detroit vs. the World," which helpfully points out every single country around the world that receives more federal dollars than Detroit.

next city detroit

Bradley writes, "Oftentimes, the first thing people say when they see Detroit’s hulking ruins and blight is, 'It looks like a third world country.'" So should Detroit get the same amount of aid as actual Third World nations? Head over to Next City for more conversation on the federal aid disparity between foreign countries and American cities.

The Ruins Of Detroit

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