08/23/2013 02:56 pm ET

The 3 Stages Of Realizing You're Not Getting Ice Cream

If you don't eat dinner, you're not getting a treat. It sounds simple enough, but a young child's inability to follow that logic at the outset often leads to reactions similar to the five stages of grief. Only, as this little man illustrates, the final emotion is not quite acceptance.

      Anger.                             Disbelief.                             Regret.

The ice-cream-less boy's parent reports, "He asked us to describe how the ice cream tasted down to the last little detail about the cookie dough. It was quite sad but he hasn't refused dinner since." Well done, reddit user veggiestuart, well done.

And, not to make you even more jealous, kiddo, but here are 60 kids who did get to enjoy the taste of the summer...

Kids Eating Ice Cream
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