08/24/2013 11:16 am ET | Updated Aug 26, 2013

Beauty Pageant Question Throws Contestant Joanlia Lising For a Loop (VIDEO)

Seeing really is believing.

At the 2013 Miss Philippines USA last weekend, contestant Joanlia Lising is asked a doozy of a question: what her favorite of the five senses is.

Uploaded to YouTube by user Mikey Gatal, the video drips with cringe. Thankfully, it's short, and eventually Lising sort of just gives up.

We wonder if Lising's response will become as well known as the now-infamous answer given by Miss South Carolina at the Miss Teen USA pageant, where she was asked a question about why students can't find countries on a map.

On second thought, nope, we're pretty sure Miss South Carolina still holds the crown. But Lising certainly comes close.

Not So Beautiful Beauty Queen