8 Kids And Dogs Who Know How To Party

08/26/2013 03:07 pm ET | Updated Aug 26, 2013

Today is National Dog Day. Which means it's time to celebrate. And these kids know how.

First, let's surprise the guest of honor. Surprise!

Then, everyone, gather 'round for a pizza and Kibbles 'n Bits feast.

My nieces treat the dog like a baby. The dog doesn't seem to mind.

It's time to head outside for activities. I'll throw, you fetch.

Big dog, tiny kid, and a cookie. Safe?

Enough with the games. It's time to DANCE.

OK, things are starting to get sloppy.

I think my dog had a little too much to drink last easter.


drunk baby

But wait... If it isn't on Facebook, the party didn't happen. #selfie

Like baby, like dog

Who's ready for a nap?

No, seriously, don't wake us up.

Plus, here are a bunch of dogs and babies playing together:

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