08/26/2013 07:32 am ET | Updated Aug 26, 2013

17 Signs Your Child Is A One Direction Fan


There's an epidemic affecting the world's youth in alarming numbers, and it comes in the form of five dashing British and Irish boys with honey-smooth voices and puppy dog eyes.

Tweens across the nation are catching the One Direction bug, and, to date, there is no known cure. Once affected, these youth identify themselves as "Directioners" and have a relentless drive to learn more about these charming gents. The upcoming release of the 1D movie, "One Direction: This Is Us," has resulted in a sharp increase in known cases.

Fear not, parents! In partnership with Sony Pictures, we've put together this handy slideshow to help you learn to identify the signs of true One Direction fandom so you can spot them in your child.

17 Signs Your Child is a Directioner