08/27/2013 03:07 pm ET

French Winemakers Want To Woo Latinos


For some time now, the American wine industry has been aiming its marketing initiatives at the US Hispanic consumer, trying to attract a new generation of aficionados. California makers were among the first to announce such efforts a couple of years ago, a move not all that surprising given the state is home to a lion’s share of the US Latino population. But what may now come as a surprise is who’s next in line: enter the storied French winemakers from Bordeaux, the world’s largest and most revered producer of high-quality wines, and the latest to realize that marketing to Hispanic consumers is critical to their success—at least if they want an edge in America.

“For us, it was a clear case. We looked at the cities in the US where Bordeaux is most easily found and we realized those cities overlapped with the Hispanic population,” said Sona Rai, Director of Media Relations at New York-based Creative Feed, the agency handling the marketing initiative for the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux, or the Bordeaux Wine Council. “Then, when we thought about the values of Bordeaux—the deep sense of tradition, the love of food, the importance of family—we saw a natural connection with Hispanic consumers.”

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