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Cooking With Kitchen Scraps, And Other Uses

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We're all looking for ways to save a couple of bucks, but one place where it's always hard to cut back is with our food budget. There's just no getting around it, we have to spend money to eat. But, there are many ways to save when it comes to groceries, aside from coupon clipping and bargain shopping.

One of our favorite ways to save money on food is by making the most of our kitchen scraps. Almost every time we cook a meal a lot of kitchen scraps get tossed. It's a waste of money and food -- and it doesn't have to be this way. Many of those scraps can be used to enhance other recipes. Or can even be used around the house.

We're not just talking about using your vegetable scraps to make stock -- though that is a great idea. We've gotten way more creative than that. Check out how to save money on your kitchen scraps below. And let us know if you have any good tricks too!

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Uses For Kitchen Scraps
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