08/29/2013 04:00 pm ET | Updated Sep 03, 2013

This Burrito Chain CEO Pays A Starting Wage Of At Least $9, Wants To Do Better (VIDEO)

UPDATE (Sept. 3): In a statement emailed to The Huffington Post, Boloco CEO John Pepper took issue with a previous version of this headline that stated Mr. Pepper "feels great" about the company's wages.

"While we do pay above average wages versus many of our peers in our core market... we are positive that we can continue to build on these figures," Pepper wrote. "No Boloco employee makes less than $9.00/hour and some make as much as $17.00/hour, but we can and must do more."

"A livable wage certainly is achievable in the not-so-distant future and is a goal we're working towards," he added. "[W]e will not rest until that benchmark has been attained across the board."


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