IKEA Miniature Furniture, For The Budget-Minded Doll In Your Life (PHOTO)

08/29/2013 08:05 am ET

We're not sure how we missed the memo, but in addition to a really cool app, IKEA's recently released 2014 catalog includes something else we're kind of obsessed with: A set of IKEA miniature furniture.

Yes, these are teeny tiny pieces meant for kids. And believe us, we saw enough Expedit shelving units in our early twenties to last a lifetime... but this itty bitty version we have to have. (Because everything is SO much cuter when it's really really tiny.)

The entire collection is called Huset and includes many of the cult classics: the Klippan sofa, Lack table, Expedit shelving unit, Famnig Hjarta heart-shaped cushion and Vago chair. Get it now at IKEA for only $12.99.

And the best part? No assembly required.

ikea miniatures

Want more miniatures? These will blow your mind.

Anna-Maria Sviatko

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