08/29/2013 08:40 am ET

Lady Gaga And Azealia Banks Engage In Small Twitter Battle, Just Really Want To Be Mermaids, Okay?


It appears Lady Gaga's foray into minimalist attire has come to its inevitable end. As we saw with the VMA shell bikini, and now with various barnacle-chic street outfits, she has fully transitioned from her "dressing like a normal human" phase and decided to pursue something more "Little Mermaid meets Pirates of the Caribbean." Gaga even asked her monsters to dress up like mermaids sea monsters at her next show, and Azealia Banks is NOT happy.

You might think, if someone was going to be annoyed about Gaga picking up the mermaid look it might be Ariel or Captain Jack Sparrow, but apparently Azealia has exclusive rights to maritime costuming.

Although, just to be clear, she was not picking a fight.

Gaga and Banks are not strangers. The two reportedly collaborated on what might be a "Telephone" sequel, and Mother Monster was upset by the tiff. She responded simply but poignantly with the following GIF of a true sea style icon: