We spotted this "magical" resume on Pleated Jeans, who found it via Dorkly, but we're not sure if it is a real thing that someone actually thought was a good idea, or just the best joke resume ever.

Either way, it's a beautiful piece of work that would catch any prospective employer's eye.

my little pony resume

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  • Hello? Yes, This Is Chimp

    "Awwww Nooooo!" - Employer

  • Eric Knows What Is Up

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  • What A Difference A Letter Makes

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  • Roanald FTW

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  • Hire My Smile

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  • NSFW Cover Letter

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  • Nefarious Dude

    Sometimes you have to explain the holes in your career path.

  • He Donated His Pulitzer Prize To Charity

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  • "Professional Genious"

    Forget about the job, but we are interested in hearing a punk band called The Bob Sagets.

  • Proud Tim Hortian Employee

    If he wasn't in high school we'd be more worried.

  • Charts!

    This is for a restaurant job.

  • NSFW Mike "Da-Bomb" Email

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  • Caps Lock Fan

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  • Childish Sense Of Wonder

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  • Sounds Like A Really Great Guy

    48 <em>hours</em>?

  • Redundant Much?

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  • The Employer's Turn

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  • Summer Job? K Thnx Bye

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  • Minimalist Cover Letter

    It is what it is.