By now, we are guessing you may have heard about this thing New Yorkers started lining up for weeks ago (some of them may still be waiting there) -- the ramen burger. Invented by Keizo Shimamoto of Go Ramen!, the ramen burger originally debuted at Smorgasburg, a weekly waiting in line festival food fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But with waits of an hour or more, some hybrid food fans have taken matters into their own hands.

Almost as soon as the arrival of the ramen burger was announced, homemade ramen burger recipe tutorials started taking shape. And, as they are wont to do, the food-loving community at Reddit has embraced this new technique with characteristically open arms. Also characteristically, some of them have really screwed up their ramen burgers and posted photos on the internet to serve as a warning to all of us. We've pulled together some of our favorite ramen burgers of Reddit, from the good, to the bad, to the OMG WTF?

1. The Original Ramen Burger

The O.G. ramen burger from Go Ramen! at Smorgasburg.

2. The Pork Chop Ramen Burger

What can we say about Reddit user code2mind's pork chop ramen burger? Nailed it. But the real way, not the sarcastic Reddit way. We'd eat the hell out of this.

3. The Ramen Porkburger
Ramen Burger
So, Reddit loves a pork sandwich, is what we're gathering. Reddit user lemonpotato made this one high and tight. Commendable.

4. The Ramen Cheeseburger

Yes, Reddit user rm0826, this is what we are talking about. Cheese + burger + ramen. Thank you for doing all of us this service.

5. The Minimalist Ramen Burger

Ramen buns, burger, no more, no less. Reddit user ccm139 keeps things simple.

6. The This Is Where Things Start To Go Awry Ramen Burger

Reddit user AshX3 said, "Tried making a Ramen Burger with Verde sauce from Taco Bell." Wait, wait. We don't like where this is going.

7. The Something Is Amok Ramen Burger

We can't quite put our finger on it, but something about Reddit user seantwopointone's ramen burger seems slightly off. It looks very... soft.

8. The Ramen Burger With Tater Tots

In which Reddit user debbers111 tries to use tater tots to distract us from whatever is going on with those ramen buns.

9. The Extra Crispy Ramen Burger

Reddit user NUTELLA_TITS' (O_O) boyfriend tried his hand at a ramen burger. Says NUTELLA_TITS, "It was pretty alright."

10. The NOPE NOPE NOPE Ramen Burger

Reddit user failureisrelative made a tilapia ramen burger. We hid under our desks.

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