Dave Chappelle Heckled, Reportedly Walks Off Hartford Stage

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Comedian Dave Chappelle was reportedly heckled to the point that he ended his performance in the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival on Thursday night, and walked off stage.

Chappelle was only a few minutes into his act at the Comcast Theatre in Hartford, Conn., when he stopped telling jokes because the people in front were making too much noise, The Laugh Button reported.

The heckling even drove the festival's Twitter account to write:

Oddball Fest
Hey Hartford! Pipe down and let Dave Chappelle do his thing!

Many attendees took to Twitter following the event, including user mikewellman88 who said that the crowd wouldn't quiet down:

Mike Wellman
Chapelle tried to work through the yelling, and he told people he wasnt telling any jokes until they quieted down. And they didnt.

Mike Wellman
At one point Chapelle told the crowd “If someone sitting next you is yelling, punch them in the kidney”

Mike Wellman
Dave Chapelle just had a crazy heckle filled meltdown on stage

After being heckled, Chappelle reportedly sat on a stool and began smoking. Another Twitter user described the scene:

dave chappelle just walked on stage, told 2 jokes, sat down and lectured us, then says "i have 3 minutes left then I'm going to the bank"

This isn't the first time that Chappelle has reacted to an upset crowd. Last year, he was unable to get through a large portion of his set in Texas due to hecklers. The summer tour was considered to be Chappelle's big return to the stage.

Below is an Instagram video uploaded by darrenkramer8 reportedly of Chappelle stopping his show:

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