If you're planning to get ahead on next week's workload this holiday weekend, we're here to offer a really crucial word of advice: Don't.

If you really want to be productive, you'll take the three-day weekend to unplug and recharge. The most successful people know to use their weekend for relaxation, quality time with loved ones and -- yes -- fun.

Remind your inner workaholic that this is important for your career: When you detach from your work over the weekend, you’ll actually be giving your brain the chance to recover from a stressful workweek and avoid the dreaded burnout. Come Tuesday, you'll be better prepared to tackle that inbox.

Unsure how to spend the coming days unplugged? HuffPost Healthy Living readers share some fantastic ways to enjoy their Labor Day Weekend -- sans the labor -- in the slideshow below.

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  • "Try to leave work behind completely and focus on activities that bring happiness, good company and peace."

    -Kristin Boggs

  • "Turn off all electronics."

    -Mollie Michie-Lepp

  • "Stare at the lake and find the silence."

    -Hilary Klassen

  • "Silence, relaxation therapies and long walks."

    -Chris Hodgon

  • "A good workout or yoga."

    -MB Kiser

  • "Forget the phone and computer at home and go relax in a cottage by the sea."

    -Mari Vainionpää

  • "Take one lake, add one boat and one fishing rod and soak well with sunshine."

    -Denise Helberg Snider

  • "Relax, read, meditate and chill."

    -Kris Etze

  • "A getaway somewhere in the mountains."

    -Hamida Bouazza

  • "Have no plans... be moved only by the weather and hunger."

    -Angi Hackett Ne Ghirardi

  • "The right attitude -- gratitude."

    -Lynn Krown

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