09/05/2013 11:49 am ET

Colbert Wishes Obama Would Learn From Bush On How To Sell Syrian War

Stephen Colbert has missed former president George W. Bush ever since the day he left the White House, but never more than during the build-up to a possible military strike in Syria.

"I miss being lied to by a professional," Colbert quipped.

Currently, support for a strike in Syria rests at among 29% of Americans. Leading up to the Iraq, Colbert posited, Bush had much less evidence to sell the war, but did so with much more confidence -- the only quality that matters.

"Where's the excitement, Obama? Where the zazz?" he asked the president, in reference to his building a case to attack Syria.

Check out the clip above to see Colbert tell Obama that he can "learn a thing or two" about selling war from George W. Bush.


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