09/06/2013 10:51 am ET

Ashlee Simpson Loves Hammer Pants


Ashee Simpson spoke to Us Weekly about her love of style, and it turns out her fashion obsession started super early. "In kindergarten I loved hammer pants!" Simpson told the tabloid, "Fashion really starts in those [younger] years, and I started with hammer pants."

Ashlee is currently working with Jessica Simpson on the older sister's fashion line. In addition to being the face of the brand, Ashlee has been in charge of spotting trends among the pre-teen set -- a task for which she uses her four-year-old son Bronx, who is apparently "quite opinionated" when it comes to fashion. "Bronx is the biggest fashionista! He loves the girl leggings -- he wears them all the time!" agreed Ashlee's mom, Tina Simpson.

The three women have enjoyed working on the collection, which will hit stores this fall. "I get to work with my mamma and sister and we really have fun together," Ashlee said," It's amazing."

Anyway, we're glad she likes pants:

Ashlee Simpson Over The Years

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