Columbus Dispatch Says John Elway Threw 7 Touchdown Passes, Not Peyton Manning

09/06/2013 01:52 pm ET

John Elway deserves plenty of credit when it comes to the performance of the 2013 Denver Broncos, but one newspaper in Ohio went too far after the team's 49-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL's season opener.

After current Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning became just the sixth quarterback in NFL history to throw seven touchdowns in a single game, the Columbus Dispatch credited the former Broncos star -- and the team's current general manager.

A headline on the newspaper mistakenly read, "Elway throws seven touchdown passes" the day after the game.

Throughout John Elway's 16-year career, the most touchdowns he threw in one game was five in 1984 (his second season in the league). The current Broncos signal-caller, who Elway signed via free agency before the 2012 season, now has seven five-TD games.

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