09/06/2013 02:51 pm ET

The First Week Of College Was Kind Of Crazy This Year

It's been a crazy week on college campuses.

Classes started for many universities either the last week of August or just after Labor Day. From stealing cats, to massive arrest totals, to bizarre Craigslist ads, students started off the year with a bang.

  • Step 1: Steal Cat. Step 2: Be Remorseful. Step 3: Craigslist Ad To Return It.
    Someone who was "extremely intoxicated" in Chico, Calif., stole someone's cat on Aug. 30. They attempted to return it with a Craigslist ad that quickly shot up on reddit. Considering Chico is home to one of the Cal State campuses, this could've been a drunk student. But all we know, according to the reddit thread, is the intoxicated cat thief is a she and did successfully return the feline.
  • NYU Law Student Will Not Stand For Your Late Night Shenanigans
    This email went out to 1,700 people living in Mercer Hall by someone who really wanted to go to sleep. Via Above The Law: It is now 4:20 a.m. on a Friday morning. You got back from what I assume was Bar Review about a half-hour ago, at which point we embarked on a musical journey through some of the worst drunken music taste and singing abilities this unfortunate soul has had the misfortune of enduring. At first I assumed it was only an after-party, which for a while progressed to karaoke, the most mortal of sins, but now based on the cacophony and number of sources of noise I’m convinced you just have a 10 piece drum set and your friends all brought amps over for band practice.
  • They're Going To Need To Reschedule This Class
  • 857 People Around The Arizona State University Campus Arrested In Two Weekends
    Image via BroBible
    A total of 857 people were busted by police near the Arizona State campus. Via Business Insider: According to statistics from the Tempe Police Department, 371 people were arrested over August 15-17 and 486 people were arrested August 22-24 — the first official weekend of the semester. Further breakdown of Aug. 22-24 via the Phoenix New Times: Total stops: 1,812 Total citations: 919 Total arrests: 486 Arrests for minors in possession of alcohol: 208 Total DUI arrests: 85 Calls for loud parties: 68 Nuisance notices: 26 Minors, under the age of 18, in possession of alcohol: 14 Party notices with minors in possession of alcohol: 11 Average blood-alcohol level for DUI suspects: .136
  • The Vodka Samm Saga
    Deadspin reported that Samantha Goudie was arrested Saturday at 1:21 p.m. with a BAC of .341. She promptly tweeted "#YOLO" and then "I'm going to get .341 tattooed on me because its so epic." A couple days later, after becoming internet famous, she dropped off the radar and deleted her Twitter.
  • When WSU Fans Drank All Of The Beer At An Auburn Bar
    Image via Twitter
    Washington State University fans went to Auburn, Ala., for the game at the University of Auburn. They proceeded to drink all the beer at Quixote's Bar and Grill on Aug. 30, according to CougCenter. The bar reportedly had to stop serving a few hours early. Too bad WSU lost to Auburn on Saturday.
  • Two Young People Caught In Sexual Act On Campus At Texas A&M
    This is definitely NSFW, discover at your own peril. But share Total Frat Move's question: "Who 69s in public?"
  • 'House MILF' Ad Sounds Dumb, Gets Worse
    University of Vermont police didn't think it was very funny when a group of bros took out a Craigslist ad for a "House MILF."Some dudes at UVM said they were "looking for an attractive older woman to come and cook for us every few days," and she would get her "pick of the men of the house to have." The ad was removed after UVM police said they were investigating.
  • Fake Professor Prank
    A great way to prank a classroom full of freshmen at the University of Rochester is to send in someone pretending to be the professor, who is not the professor.

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