09/06/2013 03:30 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2013

Subway Kittens Stop By The Colbert Report; Colbert Invites Joe Lhota To Kill Them (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Colbert Report
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The two adorable kittens found on subway tracks in Brooklyn last week, who disrupted commutes for hours (and for whom mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said he wouldn't have stopped the trains!) were guests on The Colbert Report Thursday.

The kittens, Arthur and August, arrived onstage in a basket to meet Stephen Colbert, who expressed outrage over the their insolence in stranding so many busy New Yorkers in the subway.

"Hundreds of Brooklynites were stuck on the platform with nothing to Instagram!" he said. "Thousands of baristas were late for their shifts! Worst of all, dozens of bands were instantly formed and named, 'The Subway Kittens!'"


He also applauded Lhota's political wherewithal to be the only pro-dead kitten candidate, inviting him to stop by the studio and put an end to the furry little felines.

The kittens were escorted by Steve Liu, who's fostering them in his Bushwick apartment.

All photos courtesy of The Scratching Pad.

The NYC Subway Kittens