Productivity and organizing apps are in vogue right now, but they've existed longer than you'd think. Nearly 25 years, if we're going to consider the following DIY Atari app, Job Jar, as the "grandfather" of organization/to-do list apps. Though we're sure there have been many before this particular app, this is the first one we've seen with an article behind it -- from the 1989 edition of Antic Magazine.

The concept is based on "chore jars," which we remember from kindergarten and that one time we tried to restore order to our household. (It didn't work.) Here, you assign a family member a "jar," fill it with tasks, then assign a priority to each chore. The family member can then access their to-do list. We imagine that Doogie Howser would've invented this one, had he not been busy journaling and doing that doctor stuff.

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  • Cotton Balls

    If you've got a mouse in the house, don't reach for the cheese. Simply take <a href="" target="_blank">a cotton ball and dip it in vanilla extract</a> as bait. How you catch it from there is up to you.

  • Paper Towel Rolls

    Thin plant stems can <a href="" target="_hplink">really benefit</a> from one of these. Simply cut down one side of the roll from top to bottom and place it around the base.

  • Wine Corks

    Why spend money on a corkboard when you can just <a href="" target="_hplink">make your own</a>? First, arrange the stoppers in a glassless picture frame. Then, just hot glue them in place.

  • Old Jeans

    You can turn your old jeans <a href="" target="_blank">into a great pillow</a>. For full instructions, <a href="" target="_blank">head over to</a>.

  • Car Tires

    A <a href="" target="_hplink">tire table stand</a> would be awesome in a garage. All you have to do is get a few old ones and stack them on top of each other using Epoxy. Finally, finish your project off with a piece of Plexiglas, acrylic or wood.

  • Tape

    No lint roller? No problem! This will remove everything from <a href="" target="_blank">dust to pet hair from furniture</a>. Best of all, when you're done you can just crumple the used piece up and throw it out.

  • Paper Clips

    It might not be the most stylish solution, but you can <a href="" target="_blank">repair hems with one</a>. It won't last very long, but it is a good temporary fix.

  • Egg Cartons

    These are great for <a href="" target="_blank">organizing tiny things</a> like earrings, beads and hardware.

  • Soda Bottles

    If you need a scooper for grass seed or pet food, <a href="" target="_blank">use a soda bottle</a>. Cut the bottle in the middle at a 45 degree angle, and the end with the bottle neck becomes a perfect scoop.

  • New Uses For Old Things

    Sabrina Soto shows you how to make a custom corkboard, side table and catch-all using old items.