09/12/2013 05:14 pm ET

Small Town Pizza Place Knows The Secret To Students' Hearts (And Good Grades) (PHOTO)

Need that extra incentive to get your homework done? Look no further than a local pizza place.

Reddit user LovesHerGeek posted the following photo to the social site with the caption: "Small town pizza place knows what community is all about."


A sign marked "Study Hall afternoons until 5pm" announces:

Students, while you do your (approved) homework assignments here, you may enjoy pizza slices for 35¢.

If you complete your assignments to my satisfaction, you will earn a complimentary Root Beer float.

There is no purchase necessary. All are welcome here to study, and earn your root beer float.

To the extent that I can, I will be happy to assist you in understanding your assignments.

Additionally, a "High School Students Report Card Challenge" sign states that one slice of pizza will be given per "A," and one large pizza of your choosing along with a 2-liter bottle of soda will be given for straight A's.

Not to leave out the non-students, community members can earn a large pizza if they are able to recite Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address from memory.

According to a comment update by LovesHerGeek, Greenville House of Pizza is no longer in business. However, we don't think it would hurt for other restaurants to take a hint and follow their example of awesomeness. Sounds like a (delicious) deal to us.

[h/t Reddit]


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