09/12/2013 02:37 pm ET

Stars Who've Channeled Marilyn Monroe


Sept. 15, 1954: a day that forever changed the world's perception of wind and skirts.

Marilyn Monroe filmed the famous scene -- where her dress is blown around her waist due to a subway vent blast -- 59 years ago Sunday for "The Seven Year Itch." Her then-husband Joe DiMaggio was reportedly so infuriated by the controversial shot that the couple divorced soon after.

Despite the split, Monroe solidified herself as a pop culture icon and acting legend for years to come.

Countless celebrities have emulated the star's sex appeal, style and breathy rasp for decades. Monroe's influence is still relevant as throwback references to her roles appear on prime time cable and the big screen.

Join several stars as they pay homage to the original bombshell with voluminous blond hair, white halter dresses and hemlines aflutter.

Stars Who've Channeled Marilyn Monroe
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