Ernie The Porcupine Turns 6, And His Birthday Party Is Freaking Adorable (PHOTO)

09/15/2013 02:09 pm ET | Updated Sep 15, 2013

Who knew a porcupine could rock a birthday hat?

This is Ernie, a porcupine who, according to Reddit, turned six years old recently.

Redditor karaleecupcake posted a photo of Ernie the porcupine to the r/aww subreddit this weekend.

"My mom works at the zoo, and yesterday was Ernie the porcupine's 6th birthday," the Redditor wrote.

So far, Ernie has racked up thousands of 'upvotes' on Reddit and close to half a million views on Imgur. His spiky celebrity is only eclipsed by Kemosabe, the porcupine who took the Intenet by storm earlier this summer with his giant body, long tail and ability to eat bananas.

This is him below.

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