Guacamole Food Pairings That You Never Expected (PHOTOS)

09/16/2013 09:08 am ET | Updated Oct 15, 2013

There are plenty of standard meals made better by guacamole -- quesadillas, tostadas, and even plain chips. But for true lovers of this avocado spread, the need to eat guacamole goes far past these popular foods.

And it's no surprise that guacamole goes well with pretty much everything -- after all, avocado makes a great addition to almost any culinary endeavor. If you're not quite convinced yet, take a look at these 11 unusual guacamole pairings:

  • 1 Black Bean Soup
    Flickr: skampy
    Mix it in, and enjoy.
  • 2 BLT
    The best type of BLT is a BLTG.
  • 3 Scrambled Eggs
    Breakfast, made better by guac.
  • 4 Baked Potato
    Substitute guac in for sour cream (or, dare to dream and use both).
  • 5 Salad
    Because after all, a salad is like 'plant nachos.'
  • 6 Cuban Sandwich
    Flickr: SowersPics
    This idea is so revolutionary, there aren't even pictures of it yet.
  • 7 Burger
    Our favorite appetizer and our favorite meal, in one.
  • 8 Shrimp
    Yes, it even goes well with seafood.
  • 9 Buffalo Wings
    The ultimate football appetizer hybrid, dip these wings into guacamole instead of blue cheese (it has the same cooling effect).
  • 10 Grilled Cheese
    Flickr: cherrylet
    Just when you thought this sandwich couldn't get any better, guacamole came along.
  • 11 Fresh Vegetables
    We know, we love hummus too, but fresh veggies are even better when dipped in guac.

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