09/16/2013 04:04 pm ET | Updated Sep 16, 2013

Grisly Desserts Look Like A Crime Scene And More (PHOTOS)

The illustrious Emma Thomas, a self-styled cake curator better known by her alter-ego, Miss Cakehead, is back with more macabre desserts.

Thomas, who helps organize pop-up events, recently featured the items on her web site, Among them, a cupcake that looks like it's topped with the mouth of a mythological kraken, made by U.K. bakeshop Heartache Cakes. Also, an unsettling selection of rum-infused chocolates made to look like various body parts, post-mortem. They're the work of another U.K. bakeshop, All Mine Patisserie.

Both shops' items will be sold at Thomas's annual Eat Your Heart Out pop-up Halloween cake shop.

The site also features a monstrous-looking cake recently served at Festival No. 6, an event in North Wales. The cake, modeled after a mythical kraken, had been commissioned for The Kraken Rum tent.

Describing these treats hardly does them justice, though. Take a look at them below if you can stomach it, and check out some of Thomas' previous projects here.

Macabre Chocolates and Cake

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